OC Cristy in her WSU Chef Coat

Meet Your OC


Pronouns: she/her
Year in School: Junior
Major: Hospitality Business Management
Hometown: Santa Clarita, CA
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Fun Fact: I have a podcast on KUGR radio!

About Cristy

Cristy became an OC to make every incoming Coug’s experience a good one and to pass on information about key resources she learned during her New Coug Orientation! Coming from California, Cristy loves that Pullman experiences all four seasons, and that its close(ish) to home for her! One thing Cristy loves about WSU is that everyone is involved in the campus community, and that makes it easy to make new connections.

As a Hospitality Business Major, she loves that her program allows her to step out of her comfort zone and expand her knowledge and influence in the business world before even graduating! When Cristy graduates, she hopes to work in a bakery or café and eventually own one someday. Two tips from Cristy are to get involved, and never miss the first football game of the year!

Hear from Cristy

Watch the video to hear from Cristy!