Meet Your OC


Pronouns: she/her

Year in School: Junior
Major: Hospitality Business Management
Hometown: Santa Clarita, CA
Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Favorite Song: Big Time Rush by Big Time Rush

About Cristy

When Cristy graduates, she hopes to work in a bakery or café and eventually own one someday. Her advice to incoming students is, “take chances! Whether that means saying hi first or joining a club or organization that you’re not entirely sure about, do it!” When it came to deciding where she wanted to attend college, she was in between WSU and a school in New York; WSU felt like the better choice for her and it’s a bit closer to home. Cristy became an orientation counselor because she wants to help transition students into life at WSU as well as make a lasting positive impression! Cristy’s favorite place to grab a bite to eat is Zoe’s, located right off of campus. Her favorite spot on campus is the library basement. Speaking of the library, Cristy wants you to talk to her about books! She loves to read. She can also say the alphabet backwards, maybe she can read backwards too, who knows? Cristy is a very involved student. She participated in Cougs Lead her first semester at WSU, she actively volunteers for the Cougar Food Pantry, she has a radio show with KUGR radio, is an ambassador for the Carson College School of Hospitality Business Management, and is also in the First Gen Coffee Club!
We hope you love Cristy as much as we do!

Hear from Cristy

Watch the video to hear from Cristy!

Additionally, each orientation counselor gets paired up with another orientation counselor during our Campus Resource Tour Day. Click the link below to meet Jaden, Cristy’s partner!