Frequently Asked Questions

New Cougs are making a big commitment in time, money, and resources. Research shows that students who participate in orientation are better prepared to succeed by being set up from the beginning on how to navigate a university, learn at the college level, and develop self-agency as a young adult. 

Please talk with the Math department about any questions regarding the Math Placement.

Math Department Contact Information: Email: Phone: 509-335-3926.

Math Placement Details:

Math Exemptions:

Please talk with the Writing department about any questions regarding the Writing Placement.

Writing Department Contact Information: Email: Phone: 509-335-7959.

Writing Placement Details and Exemptions:

Please talk with SLCR-Foreign Languages about any questions regarding the Language Placement.

SLCR-Foreign Languages Language Placement Contact Information: Foreign Languages advisor:

Foreign Languages – Language Placement Details:

While students have the opportunity to experience the full immersion of the life of a WSU student, it is up to families/supporters to find appropriate accommodations off campus during the New Coug Orientation. We welcome you to explore the diverse options our Pullman area has to offer. For a full list of hotels around the WSU campus, please visit the Pullman Chamber of Commerce site.

Transfer students, international students, and select program participants will complete their initial advising session during an online appointment. Most first-year students will meet with an academic advisor during their in-person orientation session. All students will receive communication about how to complete the required steps to access your advising session (applies to in-person advising and online advising).

Families can attend a family and supporter orientation if they would like to learn more about their student’s transition to WSU. More details and updates about this program can be found on our Family and Supporter page.

Orientation is a requirement of all WSU incoming students.

Your New Coug orientation fee is included in the mandatory $350 New Student Enrollment Fee, due with tuition. Family and Supporter orientation is $100 per person. Services and programs for new students

You can change your orientation date all on your own! Follow these quick, easy steps:

  1. To do this, you must go back on to our website: 
  2. Click “Register Here” and log in
  3. Click on the session you are currently registered for
  4. Click “cancel registration”
  5. Return to our website and sign up for a different session

NOTE: Before switching sessions, please check which sessions are still available. You can see these after you select the “Register Here” button. All the available sessions will be on the right hand side of the screen.

Advising appointments usually range from 30-45 minutes. However, students can expect to wait for their appointment time during the day.

You will need to attend the full New Coug Orientation program to fulfill your orientation requirement.

You will meet with an academic advisor on the final day of orientation.

Students will not receive a printed course catalog in the mail. Please refer to the Washington State University Catalog website for further information:

The “Undergraduate Advising Hold” will be lifted upon full completion of orientation.

Students can select their intended major when registering for New Coug Orientation. When students meet with an academic advisor during their orientation session, they can then confirm their intended major with their advisor.

Can’t find an answer to your question? Contact New Student Enrollment at 509-335-4242 or at