Meet Your OC


Pronouns: she/her

Year in School: Junior
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Kalama, WA
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Favorite Song: Strawberry by Andrew Montana

About Sadie

Sadie’s advice to incoming students is to, “get connected and go to events. It’s really easy to self-isolate when you don’t know anyone and that makes school so much harder.” Her favorite spot on campus is specifically the top floor of the Owen’s library – be sure to ask her to bring you up there when you tour campus! Her favorite place to eat in Pullman is Taco Bell because it’s cheap and fast. Sadie chose to attend WSU because some of her family attended and she got free state college due to her dad’s VA benefits. Sadie became an orientation counselor because she was recommended by her orientation counselor! She thought it would be a great opportunity to meet people outside of her degree and to get involved after the Covid-19 pandemic shut everything down. This is Sadie’s second summer as an orientation counselor and we are so glad she’s back! A fun fact about Sadie is that parts of her high school were used for filming Twilight!
We hope you love Sadie as much as we do!

Hear from Sadie

Watch the video to hear from Sadie!

Additionally, each orientation counselor gets paired up with another orientation counselor during our Campus Resource Tour Day. Click the link below to meet Jamie, Sadie’s partner!